Fresno County's Top 7 Breweries According to Beer Fans


Unveil Fresno County's top 7 breweries, handpicked by beer enthusiasts. Embark on a craft beer journey and plan your tasting adventure now.

Enjoy craft beers, live music, and tasty food at this vibrant destination with a large outdoor patio and family-friendly atmosphere.

BarrelHouse Brewing Fresno


Experience passion and commitment in every glass at this revived brewery, offering a taste of Fresno's brewing heritage.

Full Circle Brewing Company


Explore a local brewpub offering small-batch craft beers, fresh California cuisine, and friendly service.

Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co


Experience the same dedication to craft brewing excellence in a new location, bringing flavorful brews to Fresno's northwest side.

Mad Duck Craft Brewing Northwest


Explore an array of independent California brews at this taproom situated within Fresno's Fig Garden Village.

Out Of The Barrel Taproom


Treat yourself to an array of rich porters, innovative IPAs, and other flavorful brews, such as the renowned Sixty Ninety DIPA.

Pine & Palm Brewing


Unwind and socialize in this dynamic brewery space, offering a welcoming atmosphere and a selection of quality craft beers.

The Rec Room


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