Flight Canceled? 10 Expert Tips on How to Handle


A canceled flight can ruin your plans and mood. But don't worry! You have some rights and choices to help you reach your destination.

Flight cancellations are an unfortunate part of travel, but knowing how to navigate the process can make it less daunting.

Avoid delays and cancellations by booking nonstop flights or early flights with fewer chances of problems.

Choose the right flight


Don’t wait for the airline to fix your situation. Call, use the app, or go to the counter to find alternative options as soon as possible.

Advocate for yourself


Depending on the reason for the cancellation, you may be entitled to compensation, refunds, or rebooking. Check the airline’s policy and your travel insurance coverage.

Know your rights


Sometimes, the best option is to change your destination, travel dates, or mode of transportation.

Be flexible


Getting angry or rude won’t help you get a better solution. Be courteous and respectful to the airline staff and other passengers. They are trying to help you.

Stay calm and polite


Prepare for the unexpected by packing essentials in your carry-on bag. Include items such as medication, toiletries, snacks, chargers, and entertainment.

Pack smart


Make use of the airport facilities and services to make your wait more comfortable. Look for lounges, restaurants, shops, Wi-Fi, and charging stations.

Use your resources


Inform your family, friends, hotel, car rental, or tour operator about your situation and updated itinerary.

Keep in touch


Always have a contingency plan in case things go wrong. Have a list of alternative flights, hotels, or activities that you can book or cancel if needed.

Have a backup plan


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If you are eligible for compensation, don’t forget to claim it from the airline or your travel insurance provider. Keep your receipts and documents as proof.

Claim your compensation


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