First Time Glamping? Here’s 7 Essential Tips You Need to Know


Planning your first glamping trip? Explore 7 essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. From bedding to amenities, get ready to glam up your camping.

Choose glamping sites with sturdy structures and proper flooring for a cozy experience

Sturdy Accommodations


Ensure your glamping spot provides a real bed with plush bedding for the ultimate luxurious sleep experience.

Comfortable Bedding


Make sure your glamping location offers ample ventilation or heating/cooling systems, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

Climate Control


Enhance your glamping experience with string lights, lanterns, and decorative touches for a dreamy atmosphere.

Ambient Lighting


Look for glamping sites equipped with electricity and necessary appliances like refrigerators and grills for convenience.

Essential Appliances


A real toilet and running water are must-haves for a comfortable glamping experience. No porta-potties allowed.

Proper Bathroom Facilities


Ensure your belongings are safe with locking structures or on-site security for peace of mind during your glamping adventure.

Secure Environment


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