First Spring Break in Miami Beach? 7 Must-Know Tips


If you're heading to Miami Beach for your first Spring Break, get insider tips to make the most of your trip and avoid common mistakes.

Visitors beware! Parking south of 42 Street is restricted Thursdays-Mondays. Use the ParkMobile app or pay stations, but beware of exceptions

Parking Restrictions

Tip #1

Miami Beach residents and employees can park in designated areas with proper ID, but watch out for exceptions at G6.

Proof of Residency or Employment

Tip #2

Many surface lots and garages are closed south of 42 Street during Spring Break weekends. Plan accordingly to avoid frustration.

Closed Areas

Tip #3

During spring break, the 42 Street garage between Royal Palm and Sheridan Avenues charges a $100 flat Fee. Plan your budget accordingly.

Flat Fee Parking

Tip #4

Brace for traffic! License Plate Reader details on causeways and DUI checkpoints along 5 Street could cause significant delays. Plan alternate routes. 

Traffic Alerts

Tip #5

Rentals of certain vehicles, including golf carts and motorized scooters, will be suspended during Spring Break. Make transportation plans accordingly.

Vehicle Restrictions

Tip #6

Access Ocean Drive via 13 Street only, with a single exit at 5 Street during Spring Break. Barricades are in place for pedestrian safety.

Ocean Drive Access

Tip #7

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