Explore Monterey's 7 Finest Beach Towns for Your Next Getaway


Discover the charm of Monterey's 7 top beach towns for your next vacation. From quaint villages to lively coastal hubs, explore the best of California's coastal beauty.

Known for its vibrant surfing culture and the iconic boardwalk, Santa Cruz offers lively beaches and an artsy downtown atmosphere.

Santa Cruz


A hidden gem with stunning ocean views, Aptos offers serene beaches and state parks for outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts.



This picturesque coastal village with colorful beachside villas is perfect for seafood lovers and water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking.



This small, tight-knit town features a laid-back atmosphere, charming local markets, and a peaceful beachfront community.



A city rich in history, Monterey boasts coastal attractions such as Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf and beautiful hiking trails.



Famous for its rugged coastline, Big Sur offers breathtaking sea cliffs, winding roads, and scenic hikes, making it a must-visit natural retreat.

Big Sur


A fairytale-like town with charming architecture and one of the most beautiful beaches, perfect for a relaxing and picturesque getaway.

Carmel by the Sea


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