Explore 9 Idyllic and Affordable Retirement Spots in Oregon 


Oregon is a state of contrasts, offering diverse landscapes, climates, cultures. Whether you prefer the coast, mountains, desert, or city, find your ideal retirement spot.

Roseburg is a small town in the heart of the Umpqua River Valley, surrounded by waterfalls, valleys, and hiking trails. 



Brookings is a coastal town near the California border, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Range.  



Astoria is a historic town at the mouth of the Columbia River, with a rich maritime heritage and a scenic location. 



Joseph is a small town in the Wallowa Mountains, with a big heart and a stunning scenery. 



Bend is a popular and lively town in Central Oregon, with a sunny and dry climate. It has a lot to offer for retirees, with a variety of activities, amenities, and events.  



Florence is a charming town on the Oregon Coast, with a mix of natural beauty and cultural attractions. 



Ashland is a cultural and artistic town in Southern Oregon, famous for its Shakespeare Festival and its scenic location.  



Corvallis is a college town in the Willamette Valley, with a youthful and vibrant vibe. It has a mild and rainy climate, with lush and green surroundings. 



Hood River is a scenic and adventurous town in the Columbia River Gorge, with a windy and cool climate. 

Hood River 


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