Explore 8 Beautiful US Cherry Blossom Locations


Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring, beauty, and renewal. They bloom for a short time, but create lasting memories. Here are 8 US locations where you can enjoy them.

Washington, DC is home to the most famous cherry blossom trees in the US. They were a gift from Japan in 1912, and now attract millions of visitors every year.

Washington, DC


The Missouri Botanical Garden has more than 100 varieties of cherry blossom trees, including some cuttings from the original trees in DC. You can see them in the Japanese Garden.

St. Louis, Missouri


San Diego has a Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, where you can find cherry blossom trees that bloom in mid-March. The garden hosts an annual Cherry Blossom Week.

San Diego, California


Nashville has a cherry blossom project that aims to plant 1,000 trees in parks and neighborhoods. You can join the Cherry Blossom Walk, which follows a 2.5-mile course along the river.

Nashville, Tennessee


San Francisco has several places where you can see cherry blossoms, such as the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, and Japantown. The city also hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival in April.

San Francisco, California


Seattle has a collection of cherry blossom trees at the University of Washington, which were donated by Japan in 1919. You can also see them at the Seattle Center.

Seattle, Washington 


Philadelphia has over 2,000 cherry blossom trees, many of which are located along the Schuylkill River and in Fairmount Park. The city celebrates Sakura.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Newark has more than 5,000 cherry blossom trees in Branch Brook Park, which is the largest display in the US. The park hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival with music, food, and family fun.

Newark, New Jersey


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