Dive into the Best 6 World-Class Underwater Destination

Welcome to the Underwater World. Do you love diving and exploring the marine life? If yes, then you are in for a treat!

Cape Kri is one of the most diverse dive sites on the planet. You can see over 370 species of fish, including sharks, barracudas, and manta rays.

#1. Cape Kri: A Biodiversity Hotspot 

Barracuda Point is famous for its huge schools of barracuda that swirl around you like a tornado. You can also spot turtles, reef sharks, and eagle rays.

#2. Barracuda Point: A School of Fish

SS Thistlegorm is a British cargo ship that sank in 1941 after being bombed by German planes. You can explore the wreck and see motorcycles, trucks, and guns.

#3. SS Thistlegorm: A Historic Wreck

Blue Corner is a dive site that offers an adrenaline rush. You can hook yourself to the reef and watch the action as sharks, tuna, and jacks pass by.

#4. Blue Corner: A Thrilling Ride

Experience the thrill of a Manta Ray Night Dive! Dive into the dark waters and witness these gentle giants glide under the moonlight.

#5. Manta Ray Night Dive

Discover Darwin Island, an underwater paradise where hammerhead sharks reign supreme. Dive into this remote Galapagos wonderland for an unforgettable adventure.

#6 Darwin Island: A Hammerhead Heaven

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