Discover the Best 8 Romantic Getaways in California You’ll Love!


California, the US's most populous and third-biggest state, has varied geography, climate, and culture. It is famous for its innovation, entertainment, and economy.

Malibu is a coastal paradise with stunning beaches, scenic trails, and celebrity homes. Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand with your partner in this romantic getaway.



Sonoma is ideal for a brief romantic trip in California. It offers many non-wine activities, such as food, biking, hiking, and ziplining.

Sonoma Valley


Death Valley is a cheap and romantic California destination. It has beautiful scenery and nature. Park fees are $15/person or $30/car for a week.

Death Valley National Park


Santa Barbara is a seaside resort city with a Mediterranean vibe. It has stunning California resorts for couples and many activities. It overlooks the ocean and the mountains.

Santa Barbara


Ferndale is a tranquil and scenic place near Oakland. Stroll along Main Street with your partner and admire the old Victorian buildings.



Lake Tahoe is a romantic California destination. It has the best ski resorts in the state. It is a high-altitude lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Lake Tahoe


Half Moon Bay is a relaxing and charming coastal town near San Francisco. It is a common place for weddings and Instagram posts. It is also ideal for anniversaries or romantic breaks.

Half Moon Bay


Carmel by the Sea is a luxurious coastal village. It has cozy resorts, golf courses, and ocean views. It also has romantic hotels and places to visit, such as art galleries.

Carmel by the Sea


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