Discover the Best 8 Retirement Havens in Portland


Embark on a journey to find your perfect retirement haven amidst Portland's charm. Discover 8 idyllic spots offering tranquility and community for your golden years.

#Current Resident: Beautiful parks, walkable downtown, proximity to Portland without city traffic; working on diversity and affordable housing.

Lake Oswego


#Current Resident: Born and raised here; family-friendly, with a community feel; shopping center and airport make it unique.

Cedar Hills


Safe, clean community; limited activities but offers proximity to parks and food options; lacks extensive public transport.

West Linn


#Current Resident: Retiree-focused, small-town feel with proximity to stores and schools; has been a resident for 20 years.

King City


#Current Resident: Close to nature, schools, playgrounds, and good restaurants; road construction is a minor issue.



#Current Resident: Parks, restaurants, and local services; no east Gorge winds; the patrolled area is great for families and grandparents.



#Current Resident: Not crowded with low crime; friendly police and neighbors; strong schools and clean, safe parks.



#Current Resident: Quiet and calm suburb with a strong community feel; offers access to quality amenities nearby.

West Slope


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