Discover the 10 Best Beach Towns in Italy for 2023


Italy has some of the most beautiful and diverse coastlines in the world. Whether you prefer sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, or secluded coves, you will find your perfect spot in Italy.

Positano is a picturesque town that clings to the steep slopes of the Amalfi Coast. It is famous for its colorful houses and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Positano, Campania


Polignano a Mare is a charming town that sits on a rocky cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is known for its ancient caves, romantic restaurants, and breathtaking beach.

Polignano a Mare, Puglia


Cinque Terre, a UNESCO site, features five vibrant villages connected by trails and a scenic train. Enjoy breathtaking views, seafood, and town charm.

Cinque Terre, Liguria


Tropea, a stunning town by the clear sea and white sandy beach, is renowned for red onions, spicy nduja, and a majestic church on a rocky perch.

Tropea, Calabria


Portofino is a glamorous town that attracts celebrities, artists, and jet-setters. It is known for its elegant harbor, its luxury boutiques, and its chic cafes and restaurants.

Portofino, Liguria


Alghero is a charming town that has a strong Catalan influence. It is known for its medieval walls, its coral jewelry, and its stunning beaches and coves.

Alghero, Sardinia


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San Vito Lo Capo is a popular seaside resort that boasts a long white sandy beach and a turquoise sea. It is famous for its couscous festival, its tuna fishery.

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily


Amalfi is a historic town that was once a powerful maritime republic. It is known for its impressive cathedral, its lemon groves, and its scenic coast.

Amalfi, Campania


Vieste is a lovely town that is located on the tip of the Gargano peninsula. It is known for its white houses, its lighthouse, and its spectacular rock formations.

Vieste, Puglia


Capri is a glamorous island that has been a favorite destination for artists, and writers. It is known for its blue grotto, its piazzetta, and its luxury shops and hotels. 

Capri, Campania


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