Discover Port Oregon 7 Secret Spots Revealed by Locals


Uncover the hidden gems of Port Oregon with insider tips from locals. Explore 7 secret spots off the beaten path for an unforgettable adventure.

Remote forest oasis with private log tubs fed by boiling hot springs. A serene escape, a 1.5-mile walk from the trailhead. $5 per person.

Bagby Hot Springs


Unique adult wonderland with hot tub, bars, and guest rooms resembling an elementary school. They are pricey beers but worth the experience.

McMenamins Kennedy School


Manicured park with fields, beach, and sports areas. Perfect for family fun and summer sports. $5 parking.

Blue Lake Regional Park


Popular city park with stunning sunset views. Despite crowds, each visitor feels a personal connection. Magic in the air.

Skidmore Bluffs


This tranquil riverside spot is ideal for wading, picnics, and relaxation. It is free to enter and is ideal for families and nature lovers.

Lewis and Clark State Park


Sandy River Beach has ample space for floating and sunbathing. It is a dog-free zone, perfect for family outings. There is $5 parking.

Oxbow Regional Park


Serene swimming spot on Columbia's southern shores. Shallow waters, panoramic views, and tranquil ambiance. $5 parking.

Viento State Park


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