Discover Oregon’s New Blue Mountains Trail 


A new long-distance hiking trail in Northeast Oregon that showcases the beauty and diversity of the Blue Mountains region. 

The trail starts at Wallowa Lake State Park near Joseph and ends at John Day, spiraling counterclockwise through three national forests. 

Trailhead and Terminus 


The trail passes through seven wilderness areas, plunges into the deepest canyon in the US, and offers views of Oregon’s highest peaks. 

Highlights of the Trail  


A 530-mile trail, takes 2 months to finish. For experienced backpackers only, needing navigation skills and self-reliance.

Trail Length and Difficulty 


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You can download a trail map and data book from the Greater Hells Canyon Council website, which also hosts information sessions and surveys for trail users. 

Trail Resources and Events 


The trail aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the ecological and cultural significance of the Blue Mountains region, and to advocate for its permanent protection. 

Trail Vision and Values  


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