Discover Nevada's 9 Best Retirement Havens for Peaceful Living


Nevada boasts a low cost of living, favorable tax climate, quality health care, and diverse natural and cultural attractions. The state also has a friendly population.

Mesquite is a scenic town near the Arizona border. It has many golf courses, casinos, and resorts. Retirees can enjoy golfing, gambling, and spa treatments.



Gardnerville is a charming town on the Carson River. It has a historic downtown with shops, restaurants, and museums. Retirees can enjoy boating, fishing.



Boulder City is a historic town that was built for the construction of the Hoover Dam. It has a museum, a park, and a railroad. Retirees can visit the dam, the lake.

Boulder City


Laughlin is a lively town on the Colorado River. It has many hotels, casinos, and restaurants. Retirees can enjoy river activities, entertainment, and dining.



Henderson is a suburb of Las Vegas, but it has its own charm and identity. It has a mall, a casino, a hospital, and an airport. Retirees can enjoy shopping, gambling.



Incline Village is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It has a ski resort, a golf course, and a beach. Retirees can enjoy skiing, snowboarding.

Incline Village


Pahrump is a rural town in the Mojave Desert. It has a winery, a speedway, a golf course, and a museum. Retirees can enjoy wine tasting, racing, and golfing.



Reno is the second largest city in Nevada and a major tourist destination. It has a river, a park, a zoo, and a museum. Retirees can enjoy kayaking, biking.



Carson City is the capital of Nevada and the home of the Nevada State Museum. It has a historic district, a mint, and a railroad. Retirees can learn about the state’s history, culture.

Carson City


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