Discover 9 Paradise-Like Retirement Spots in Hawaii 2024


Hawaii is more than just beaches. It offers a rich culture, a mild climate, and a range of activities.

Hilo is the largest city on the Big Island. It has a low cost of living, a vibrant farmers market, and a rainforest zoo. 



Waianae is located on the west coast of Oahu. It has pristine beaches, a strong Hawaiian culture, and a mall nearby.



Kailua is on the east coast of Oahu. It has some of the best beaches in the world, hiking trails, and a farmers market.



Kapa’a is at the base of Nounou Mountain on Kauai. It has a shopping village, a blend of Asian cultures, and a heritage site.



Wailuku is on the north shore of Maui. It has a historic downtown, a cultural center, and access to nature parks.



Ewa Beach is on the south coast of Oahu. It has a low crime rate, a golf club, and a variety of housing options.

Ewa Beach


Kapolei is on the west coast of Oahu. It has a shopping center, a water park, and a cinema complex.



Kihei is on the south coast of Maui. It has a warm and dry weather, a long beach, and a nightlife scene.



Wahiawa is in the center of Oahu. It has a cool and rainy climate, a botanical garden, and a pineapple plantation.



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