Discover 10 unforgettable weekend getaways in Sioux City


Discover 10 unforgettable weekend getaways in Sioux City. From scenic parks to cultural attractions, plan your perfect trip with these must-visit destinations.

Journey through the Lewis and Clark expedition with immersive exhibits and interactive devices. Opened in 2022, find it packed with history

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center


Engage with vibrant exhibits and interactive displays showcasing local history and innovation. Free admission at 607 4th St.

Sioux City Public Museum


Discover peace and inspiration among religious shrines, including towering statues and a life-sized Last Supper sculpture. Located at 2511 33rd St.

Trinity Heights


Explore river history aboard the Sergeant Floyd boat museum, delving into Missouri River tales and transportation. Docked at 1000 Larsen Park Rd.

Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center


Pay tribute to Sergeant Charles Floyd, Jr., with a visit to his commemorative obelisk in a serene park setting. Find it at 2601 S Lewis Blvd.

Sergeant Floyd Monument


Indulge your sweet tooth at this renowned candy shop featuring chocolate and custom-made treats. Visit 405 Wesley Pkwy.

Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe


Enjoy outdoor adventures with campsites, trails, and the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center in this expansive park. Located at 5001 Talbot Rd.

Stone State Park


Step into history at this preserved railroad complex showcasing artifacts and architecture from a pivotal era. Explore at 3400 Sioux River Rd.

Sioux City Railroad Museum


Honoring peace advocate Wambdi Okicize, this monument offers historical insight atop a bluff overlooking the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers.

Chief War Eagle Monument


Experience interactive exhibits and programs for families with young children at this top-rated museum. Discover at 623 Pearl St.

LaunchPAD Children’s Museum


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