Culinary Adventures: 10 Unmissable Restaurants in Raleigh, NC


Explore the culinary delights of Raleigh with these 10 unmissable restaurants. From local favorites to international cuisines, satisfy your taste buds and embark on a flavorful journey.

Discover thoughtfully crafted vegetarian and vegan cuisine, including lion’s mane mushroom dip and crispy fried "chicken" and waffles.

The Fiction Kitchen


Raleigh's hot dog haven since 1940. Keep it simple with grilled hot dogs topped with chili, mustard, slaw, or onions.

The Roast Grill


Indulge in classic American fare and an array of daily cakes like red velvet and hummingbird cake.

Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery


Enjoy craft beer, innovative cocktails, and panoramic views of downtown Raleigh. Try their brewhouse mussels and Southern saltimbocca.

Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing


Experience globally inspired vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Highlights include mushroom stroganoff and Sunday brunch favorites.

Irregardless Cafe


A Raleigh staple since 1951, PR offers classic bar food and late-night cravings. Perfect for college students and alums.

Players' Retreat


Delight in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Malaysian dishes like wonton soup and curry noodle soup.

David's Dumpling & Noodle Bar


Enjoy fancy Mexican street food and creative tequila drinks. Must-try: Lacko Taco and Burrito Guapo.

Gonza Tacos y Tequila


Explore Middle Eastern and Yemeni flavors like lahem haneeth and zurbian dajaj. Don't miss their saltahs served with fresh bread.

Yemen Arab Restaurant


Savor aged prime rib and filet mignon at this Raleigh institution since 1960. Indulge in their extensive wine selection and Wild Turkey Lounge.

Angus Barn


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