Craving Ice Cream? Wilmington's Top 10 Scoop Spots


Indulge your ice cream cravings in Wilmington! Discover the top 10 scoop spots for delicious frozen treats. From classic flavors to unique creations, satisfy your sweet tooth!

Jersey cow milk makes irresistible ice cream, with flavors like Motor Oil and Bacon. Celebs Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively approve.

Woodside Farm Creamery


Cafe and gelateria combo featuring creative combos like Affogato and Smoothie. Energize with their espresso-infused delights.

Sweet Nel's


Hidden Gem offers Mexican paletas with inventive flavors like corn and queso. A delightful taste of tradition.

Paleteria y Neveria Tocumbo


University of Delaware's own ice cream shop with rotating flavors like Delaware First and All-Nighter. A sweet campus tradition.

UDairy Creamery


Beyond ice cream, they craft scrumptious homemade ice cream cakes and boast a candy wonderland. Perfect for all ages.

Sweet Lucy’s


Quirky 1950s-inspired spot blending vintage cars and premium Hershey's flavors. Retro vibes meet creamy delights.

The Ice Cream Shoppe


Vibrant shop with Mexican-inspired flavors like corn and guava cream. Taste the culture in every scoop.

 La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream


Unexpected sweet treats at this lunch favorite, ideal for a summer afternoon delight.

Stu and Sammy's


Soft serve heaven with over 100 flavors and frozen yogurt options. Locals love this unpretentious spot.

Ice Cream Delight


A summer tradition since 1956, offering yummy soft serve and milkshakes for generations of ice cream lovers.

Dairy Palace


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