Top 12 Carowinds Charlotte Roller Coaster Ranked for Your Next Visit


Get ready for an adrenaline rush as we rank the top 12 roller coasters at Carowinds! From classic wooden coasters to modern steel giants, find your next thrill.

Dive into our comprehensive list, expertly ranked for thrill-seekers and families alike. Discover which Carowinds coasters are must-rides on your next visit.

Perfect for families, Woodstock Express offers a gentle yet exciting ride through twists and turns.

#12 Woodstock Express

Ideal for thrill-seeking kids, Kiddy Hawk's inverted ride dangles legs freely, peaking at 26 mph after a 49-foot climb and looping descent.

#11 Kiddy Hawk

Experience the thrill of the Flying Cobra, with its inversions and loops that will have you seeing the world upside down on this intense coaster.

#10 Flying Cobra

Feel the fury of the Carolina Cyclone, a looping roller coaster that whirls riders through a storm of high-speed twists and heart-stopping inversions.

#9 Carolina Cyclone

Get ready for the Hurler, a wooden coaster known for its rough-and-tumble ride, delivering airtime and thrills with a nostalgic twist on modern speed.

#8 Hurler

Step into the Vortex, a stand-up roller coaster that twists and turns, offering a unique riding experience that challenges gravity and your courage.

#7 Vortex

Soar like a bird on Nighthawk, a flying coaster that sweeps you through the air in a face-down position, delivering unparalleled views and thrills.

#6 Nighthawk

Inspired by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, the Intimidator races riders down steep drops and high-speed curves, embodying the thrill of the race.

#5 Intimidator

Afterburn takes thrill-seekers on an intense flight with loops, rolls, and dives, marking it as one of the most exhilarating inverted coasters around.

#4 Afterburn

Copperhead Strike, a coaster that slithers through tight turns and striking launches, offers a venomous ride that strikes fast and leaves a mark.

#3 Copperhead

Ricochet thrills with "Wild Mouse" twists: it's all about sharp, spinning turns over big drops or speed. A must-ride for turn enthusiasts!

#2 Ricochet

Ascend to new heights on Fury 325, a giga coaster that towers above the rest with breathtaking drops and high-speeds, offering unmatched excitement.

#1 Fury 325

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