Breathtaking Top 10 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Mississippi


Mississippi is a state rich in natural beauty and history. From the rolling hills to the mighty river, there are plenty of hiking trails to explore and enjoy.

Embark on a journey through Mississippi's diverse landscapes with our curated list of the top 10 hiking trails, each offering unique experiences and scenic beauty waiting to be explored.

A moderate 4.9-mile loop with stunning waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and scenic views. Dogs are welcome on leash.

Clark Creek Primitive Trail


Discover rock formations, caves, and a waterfall along this 1.8-mile loop in the Appalachian foothills. Offers moderate difficulty.

Bear Creek Outcroppings Trail


Encounter waterfalls, meandering creek beds, and varying elevations along this 2.8-mile loop. Presents a moderate level of difficulty.

Clark Creek Improved Trail


Embark on a moderate hike along the Pearl River's canyon rim. Delight in a scenic 1-mile loop, immersed in nature's vibrant palette.

Red Bluff


Witness the beauty and diversity of Mississippi's forest and wetlands on this straightforward 12.6-mile trail. Point-to-point journey.

Tuxachanie Trail


Hike the Clark Creek Trail to Waterfall Trail for a moderate 3-mile out-and-back, delighting in waterfall vistas and vibrant rock formations.

Clark Creek Trail to Waterfall Trail


Explore a 10-mile loop trail featuring creek crossings and forest panoramas. Enjoy varied terrain with a moderate difficulty level.

Richardson Creek Trail


Fontainebleau Nature Trail offers a gentle 1.6-mile loop showcasing Davis Bayou and diverse wildlife. Enjoy an easy, flat stroll.

Fontainebleau Nature Trail


A 7.6-mile loop featuring lake vistas, varied terrain, and wildlife. Suitable for dogs, offering a moderate challenge.

Bonita Lakes Trail


Uncover the wonders of CCC Camp Trail Loop, a 3.6-mile moderate trek. Encounter captivating rock formations, serene waterfalls, and historic sites.

CCC Camp Trail Loop


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