Boston MA Weekend Adventures: 8 Must-See Destinations


Explore Boston MA with these 8 must-see destinations for an unforgettable weekend adventure. From historical landmarks to cultural hotspots, discover the best of Beantown

Explore spooky attractions and delve into Salem's eerie past with guided tours and nighttime ghost adventures.

Salem, Massachusetts


Discover historic neighborhoods, quaint cafes, and tea blending at local apothecaries in this charming port town.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Experience Gilded Age opulence with mansion tours, scenic drives, and culinary delights along Newport Harbor.

Newport, Rhode Island


Immerse yourself in pristine beaches, historic architecture, and lobster tours in this coastal gem.

Kennebunkport, Maine


Enjoy idyllic towns, sandy beaches, and iconic landmarks like the Aquinnah Cliffs and colorful gingerbread cottages.

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


Delight in historic lighthouses, craft breweries, and culinary delights on a bike tour of Maine's largest city.

Portland, Maine


Discover stunning fall foliage, outdoor adventures, and serene Diana's Baths in this picturesque mountain range.

White Mountains, New Hampshire


Explore an eclectic arts scene, stroll along Church Street Marketplace, and unwind at waterfront parks and craft breweries.

Burlington, Vermont


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