9 US Cities That Could Sink by 2050 


Sea levels are rising faster than ever due to climate change, putting many coastal cities in danger of flooding and erosion. By 2050, some of these cities could be partially or completely underwater.

Norfolk is one of the most flood-prone cities in the US, experiencing frequent tidal flooding and storm surges. 

Norfolk, Virginia 


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and the US sailing capital, attracting millions of tourists every year.  

Annapolis, Maryland 


Miami is known for its sunny beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culture. But it is also one of the most vulnerable cities to sea level rise in the world.

Miami, Florida 


Atlantic City, a renowned hub for gambling and entertainment, faces environmental challenges on its barrier island, battling erosion, sinking.

Atlantic City, New Jersey 


Galveston is a resort city on the Gulf of Mexico, known for its historic buildings, amusement parks, and beaches. 

Galveston, Texas 


Key West is the southernmost city in the continental US, famous for its coral reefs, tropical climate, and literary heritage. 

Key West, Florida 


Charleston is a historic city on the Atlantic coast, renowned for its architecture, cuisine, and culture.  

Charleston, South Carolina 


New Orleans is a vibrant city on the Mississippi River, famous for its music, food, and festivals.  

New Orleans, Louisiana 


Seattle is a major city on the Pacific Northwest, known for its technology, coffee, and culture. 

Seattle, Washington 


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