9 Unforgettable New Year's Delights in Key West, Florida


Key West, the southernmost US city, offers a variety of unforgettable ways to ring in the new year, from romantic getaways to family-friendly adventures.

One of the most popular and spectacular ways to welcome the new year is to watch the fireworks over Key West Harbor.



If you want to experience a unique and quirky tradition, head to Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Duval Street, where they drop a giant conch shell at midnight.

Conch Drop 


Another fun and fabulous way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Key West is to witness the Red Shoe Drop at the New Orleans Guest House.

Red Shoe Drop 


If you’re adventurous and want to channel your inner pirate, join the crowd at the Schooner Wharf Bar, where they lower a pirate wench from the mast of a tall ship.

Pirate Wench Drop


One of the best things in Key West is to attend the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration, a nightly festival featuring street performers, artists, vendors, and musicians.

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration


If you’re looking for a wild and crazy night, you can join the Duval Street Party, a massive street festival that spans the entire length of the main drag. 

Duval Street Party


If you prefer a more romantic and elegant way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you can book a dinner cruise on a luxury yacht or catamaran.

Dinner Cruise


If you’re a nature lover and want to explore the marine life of Key West, you can sign up for a dolphin watching and snorkeling tour.

Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling


If you're feeling adventurous and want to add spookiness to your New Year's Eve, visit the Key West Cemetery, a historic and haunted site dating back to 1847.

Key West Cemetery


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