9 Types of Travelers You Don’t Want to Be 


Traveling is a great way to explore places, culture. But sometimes, people you travel with can make or break your trip. Here are 9 types of travelers you don’t want to be or travel with.

This traveler finds fault in everything, from the accommodation to the food and even the weather. They never stop whining and ruin the mood for everyone else. 

The Chronic Complainer 


This traveler brings way too much stuff, even for a short trip. They have trouble moving around, pay extra baggage fees, and make everyone wait for them at the airport. 

The Over-Packer 


This traveler is always looking for the cheapest option, even if it means sacrificing comfort or enjoyment.

The Budget-Obsessed 


This traveler is more interested in taking photos and posting them online than actually enjoying the destination.  

The Selfie-Obsessed 


This traveler is always running behind schedule and makes everyone else wait for them. They cause stress and frustration, and sometimes miss flights, tours, or reservations. 

The Chronically Late 


This traveler wants to plan everything and have everything their way. They don’t listen to anyone else’s input or preferences, and leave no room for spontaneity or surprises. 

The Control Freak 


This traveler is always looking for a good time, even if it means staying up all night, drinking too much, or getting into trouble. 

The Party Animal 


This traveler is ignorant or disrespectful of the local customs, traditions, and etiquette. They dress inappropriately, act rudely, or offend people with their words or actions. 

The Culture Clueless 


This traveler thinks they know everything about the place, the people, and the history. They act like a tour guide, correct others, or lecture everyone with their facts and opinions. 

The Know-It-All 


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