9 Traveling Jobs That Let You See the World


If you dream of exploring new places while building your career, this story is for you.

Capture the beauty of the world with your camera and sell your photos online or to clients.

Freelance Photographer


Perform on stage, film, TV, or voice acting and travel to different locations for your roles.



Teach English to students in foreign countries and immerse yourself in their culture and language.

English Teacher


Share your passion and knowledge of a destination with travelers and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Tour Guide


Fly around the world and provide excellent service to passengers and crew members.

Flight Attendant


Work on a cruise ship and enjoy the perks of free accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Cruise Ship Worker


Grow your company’s revenue and customer base by traveling to meet potential partners and clients.

Business Development Manager


Plan and book travel arrangements for your clients and get discounts and deals for yourself.

Travel Agent


Write about your travel experiences and tips for magazines, blogs, or books and inspire others to travel.

Travel Writer


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