9 Top Places to See the Northern Lights in Alberta in 2024


Welcome to Alberta, a captivating province nestled in the heart of Canada, where the breathtaking spectacle of the northern lights graces the night sky like a celestial ballet. 

The largest dark sky preserve in Canada offers stunning views of the aurora borealis 

Jasper National Park 


A wildlife sanctuary and a dark sky preserve, this park is a great spot to see the northern lights and the stars.

Elk Island National Park 


The world’s largest dark sky preserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is home to the rare whooping crane and the northern lights.

Wood Buffalo National Park 


One of the most popular destinations in Canada, this park boasts spectacular scenery and frequent northern lights displays.

Banff National Park


A turquoise lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this is a postcard-perfect place to see the northern lights reflect on the water. 

Lake Louise 


The largest city in Alberta, Calgary offers some urban spots to see the northern lights, such as Nose Hill Park and Fish Creek Park. 



Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, boasts dark sky areas perfect for witnessing the enchanting northern lights.  



A lake town in northeastern Alberta, Cold Lake is a hidden gem for northern lights enthusiasts, as it has clear skies and low light pollution. 

Cold Lake 


A town in central Alberta, Athabasca is known for its river, its university, and its northern lights. It hosts an annual aurora borealis festival in March. 



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