9 Subterranean New Year's Explorations in Mammoth Cave National Park


Welcome to Mammoth Cave National Park, home to the world’s longest cave system with more than 400 miles of underground passageways. 

One of the best ways to explore Mammoth Cave is to join a ranger-led tour that will take you through some of the most spectacular and historic sections of the cave.  

Take a guided tour of the cave 


You will need to crawl, climb, and squeeze through narrow passages, muddy tunnels, and rocky chambers. 

Go Spelunking in the Wild Cave 


The cave was first used by Native Americans for ceremonial and burial purposes, and later by European settlers for mining and tourism.  

Learn about the history of the cave 


The cave was formed by the erosion of limestone by acidic groundwater over millions of years.  

Marvel at the geology of the cave 


You can also learn about the adaptations and challenges that these animals face in the dark and harsh environment of the cave. 

Encounter the wildlife of the cave 


The park covers more than 52,000 acres of forested, karst landscape, with over 80 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. 

Hike on the Surface Trails 


Mammoth Cave National Park is also a water lover’s paradise, as it is bordered by two major rivers: the Green and the Nolin.  

Canoe on the Green and Nolin rivers 


Enjoy the beauty of nature with a cozy campfire and a clear night sky. Sleep under the stars and wake up to a fresh morning breeze.

Camp under the Stars 


You can join a seasonal or thematic program, such as the Halloween Lantern Tour, the Christmas Candlelight Tour.

Join a special event or program 


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