9 Secret Places to Explore in Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon National Park is not just a big hole in the ground. It is also a treasure trove of secret places.

Shoshone Point is a secluded spot with panoramic views of the canyon. You can reach it by an unmarked trail.

Shoshone Point


Desert View Campground is a cozy and quiet place to camp near the canyon rim. You can enjoy sunsets and starry skies.

Desert View Campground


Hopi Salt Mines are sacred sites where the Hopi people collect salt for ceremonies. They are located on the southeast side of the river.

Hopi Salt Mines


Supai Village is the most remote village in the US. It is home to the Havasupai tribe and the stunning Havasu Falls.

Supai Village


The Abyss is a sheer drop of over 3,000 feet on the west rim of the canyon. It offers a thrilling view of the depths below.

The Abyss


Grand Canyon Field Institute is a program that offers classes and guided hikes in the park.

Grand Canyon Field Institute


Historic Navajo Bridge is a historic landmark that spans the Colorado River.

Historic Navajo Bridge


Grand Canyon Mule Tours are a unique way to experience the canyon. 

Grand Canyon Mule Tours 


Grand Canyon Rattlesnake is a rare and elusive snake that lives in the canyon. 

Grand Canyon Rattlesnake


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