9 Reasons Arches National Park Will Urge You to Discover


Arches National Park in Utah offers over 2,000 natural arches and geological wonders, offering 9 reasons to visit for its beauty and diversity.

This is the most iconic and famous arch in the park, and one of the symbols of Utah.

Delicate Arch


This is the longest arch in the park, and one of the longest in the world, with a span of 306 feet.

Landscape Arch


This is a remarkable sight, where a 128-foot tall rock balances on a pedestal of sandstone.

Balanced Rock


This is a maze of narrow canyons, fins, and spires that create a fascinating and challenging terrain.

Fiery Furnace


This is a pair of arches that share a common end and form a large window in the sky.

Double Arch


This is a scenic drive that takes you through a valley of towering rock walls and formations that resemble skyscrapers and buildings.

Park Avenue


This is a popular area of the park that contains many arches and windows that frame the landscape. 

Windows Section


This is a hidden and secluded arch that is surrounded by sand and shaded by pine trees.

Sand Dune Arch


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This is a massive and impressive rock tower that rises above the desert floor.

Tower of Babel 


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