9 Must-Try Rides at Nickelodeon Universe in New Jersey


Nickelodeon Universe: US's biggest indoor theme park, 30+ rides for all ages. Highlights include Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, and Ninja Turtles.

If you’re looking for a thrill, look no further than Shredder, the tallest and longest free-spinning coaster in the world.



Another ride that will test your limits is Kraang Prime Pandemonium, a 360-degree pendulum swing that will make you scream.

Kraang Prime Pandemonium


If you’re a fan of The Fairly Oddparents, you’ll love Timmy’s Half Pipe Havoc, a unique shuttle coaster that simulates a skateboard ride.

Timmy’s Half Pipe Havoc


For a more relaxing ride, try SpongeBob’s Jellyfish Jam, a swing ride that takes you on a gentle spin under the sea.

SpongeBob’s Jellyfish Jam


Express Another ride that features SpongeBob and his friends is Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express, a bus ride that takes you on a wild tour of the underwater city.

Bikini Bottom Crosstown


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If you grew up watching Rugrats, you’ll love Rugrats Reptar Go-Round, a double-decker carousel that features the babies’ favorite dinosaur.

Rugrats Reptar Go-Round


If you have little ones, they’ll enjoy Shimmer and Shine Jumping Genies, a magic carpet ride that lets them soar with the genies-in-training.

Shimmer and Shine Jumping Genies


that’s perfect for preschoolers is Blue’s Skidoo, an aerial ride that lets them fly with Blue and Magenta.

Blue’s Skidoo Another Ride


If your kids love trucks, they’ll have a blast at Blaze’s Monster Truck Rally, a race car ride that lets them zoom with Blaze and his friends.

Blaze’s Monster Truck Rally 


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