9 Insider Tips for Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park


The Narrows is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon, where you hike in the Virgin River between towering sandstone walls. 

The Narrows can be closed due to high water, flash floods, or debris flows. Check the park website or visitor center for the latest updates. 

Check the weather and water conditions 


You can hike The Narrows from the bottom up or the top down. The bottom-up hike does not require a permit, but you can only go as far as Big Spring. 

Choose your hiking direction 


The water temperature can be cold, especially in spring and fall. Wear synthetic or wool layers, a hat, and gloves. Avoid cotton, which can make you colder. 

Wear appropriate Clothing and Footwear 


You will need a dry bag or backpack to keep your essentials dry. You may also want to rent or bring a walking stick, neoprene socks, and water shoes. 

Rent or Bring the Right Gear 


The Narrows is a fragile and beautiful place. Don’t litter, carve, or graffiti on the rocks.  

Respect the Environment and other Hikers  


The Narrows can be challenging and exhausting. Know your physical abilities and limitations. Don’t push yourself too hard or too far.  

Know your Limits and Turn around when needed 


Hypothermia and dehydration are common hazards in The Narrows. Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature drops below normal. 

Watch for Signs of Hypothermia  


The Narrows is a remote and unpredictable place. You may not have cell phone service or access to help. 

Be prepared for Emergencies and have a Backup Plan 


The Narrows is a natural wonder and a national treasure. Help preserve it for future generations by following the Leave No Trace principles. 

Follow the Leave No Trace Principles 


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