9 Family-Friendly Adventures in Zion National Park


Welcome to Zion National Park Zion is a paradise for families who love nature and adventure. 

Hike through the narrowest section of Zion Canyon and wade in the Virgin River. 

Explore The Narrows 


Enjoy a scenic horseback tour on the White Mountain and see the crimson slot canyons. 

Ride a Horse in East Zion 


Learn about the plants and animals of Zion and join the Junior Ranger program. 

Visit the Zion Nature Center 


Experience the engineering marvel of the 1.1-mile-long tunnel and admire the views. 

Drive through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel 


Take an easy hike to the pool and enjoy the waterfall and the shade of the trees. 

Relax at the Lower Emerald Pool 


Hop on a jeep and explore the backcountry of Zion with a knowledgeable guide. 

Go on a Jeep Tour


Hike to the upper and middle pools and marvel at the lush greenery and the cascades. 

See the Emerald Pools 


Discover the history and culture of the people who lived in and shaped Zion. 

Visit the Zion Human History Museum 


Take the free shuttle bus and enjoy the convenience and the views of Zion Canyon. 

Ride the Zion Shuttle 


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