9 Exhilarating New Year's Adventures in Virgin Islands National Park


Start the new year with a bang in Virgin Islands National Park. Explore stunning beaches, coral reefs, hiking trails, and wildlife.

Discover ancient petroglyphs and a sugar mill ruin.

Hike the Reef Bay Trail


Enjoy the underwater trail and the stunning beach.

Snorkel at Trunk Bay


Paddle along the scenic coastline and spot wildlife.

Kayak at Cinnamon Bay


Explore the coral reefs and the shipwreck of the Rhone.

Scuba Dive at Leinster Bay


Relax on a catamaran and swim with sea turtles.

Sail to Waterlemon Cay


Experience the beauty of nature and the history of the resort.

Camp at Caneel Bay


Fly over the treetops and get a bird’s eye view of the island.

Zipline at Coral Bay


Learn about the colonial era and the culture of the islanders.

Visit Annaberg Plantation


Capture the breathtaking colors of the sky and the sea.

Watch the Sunset at Hawksnest Bay


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