9 Essential Tips for Visiting Gorongosa National Park


Discover Gorongosa, a wildlife paradise in Mozambique. Enjoy game drives, boat safaris, hiking trails and community projects.

Learn how Gorongosa is situated in the Great Rift Valley and has a rich and turbulent past.

Location and History


Find out how the Gorongosa Project is restoring the park’s wildlife and supporting the local people.

Conservation and Community


Explore the diverse habitats and animals of Gorongosa, from lions and elephants to birds and insects.

Wildlife and Ecosystems


Climb the highest peak in the park and enjoy the spectacular views and rainforest.

Mount Gorongosa


Stay at the comfortable and eco-friendly lodge in the heart of the park and enjoy the facilities and activities.

Chitengo Safari Camp


Taste the delicious and organic coffee grown by local farmers on the slopes of Mount Gorongosa.

Gorongosa Coffee


Experience the thrill of a game drive, a walking safari, a boat trip, or a night drive in the park.

Safari Activities


Learn about the culture and traditions of the local communities and visit the historic sites in the park.

Cultural Activities


Get practical advice on how to plan your trip, what to pack, when to go, and how to stay safe and healthy.

Travel Tips


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