9 Essential Tips for Exploring Everglades National Park


A vast wetland park in Florida that protects rare and endangered species and habitats.

The park is open year-round, but the dry season (November to April) is cooler and less buggy.

Choose the best time to Visit


The park has four main entrances: Homestead, Miami, Everglades City, and Shark Valley.

Decide where to enter the Park


You can drive, cycle, or paddle to explore the park. Rent a bike or a kayak, or join a guided tour.

Get around by Car, Bike, or Boat


The park is home to many animals, such as alligators, manatees, dolphins, birds, and more.

See the Wildlife


The park has five visitor centers that offer information, exhibits, films, and ranger programs.

Visit the Visitor Centers


The park has many trails that range from easy boardwalks to challenging backcountry routes.

Hike the Trails


The park has two drive-in campgrounds and many wilderness campsites. Reserve in advance.

Camp in the Park


The park has a rich and diverse history, from Native Americans and settlers to farmers and conservationists.

Learn about the History and Culture


Follow the park rules, leave no trace, and do not feed or harass the wildlife. Help protect the park.

Respect the Nature


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