9 December Adventures: Things to Do in Panama City


Panama City is the capital and largest city of Panama, located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. It has a rich history and culture.

Panama City Beach boasts pristine sands that are perfect for relaxing walks.

Stroll the Beach


Panama City transforms with dazzling lights and decorations in December.

Holiday Light Displays


Pier Park is the hub of entertainment and shopping in Panama City.

Visit Pier Park


Panama City is a fishing paradise with many charters and species to choose from.



Shell Island is a natural wonder with untouched beaches and wildlife.

Shell Island


Zooworld is home to over 350 animals and 259 species of plants.



The Science and Discovery Center is a fun and educational museum for kids.

Science & Discovery


Ancon Hill is the highest point in Panama City with panoramic views.

Ancon Hill


Taboga Island is a tropical oasis with colorful houses, fruit trees, and beaches.

Taboga Island


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