9 Coastal Retreats to Explore in Rhode Island this December


Discover 9 coastal retreats in Rhode Island that offer beautiful beaches, charming towns, and fun activities.

Experience the elegance and charm of this historic city, where you can visit mansions, museums, and markets.



Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of this island, where you can bike, hike, kayak, or relax at a cozy inn.

Block Island


Have fun at this lively beach town, where you can surf, fish, dine, or join a festival.

Block Island


Explore the scenic and peaceful island of Jamestown, where you can admire the lighthouse, the bridge, and the farms.



Indulge in the luxury and romance of Watch Hill, where you can stay at a five-star hotel, shop at boutiques, and ride a carousel.

Watch Hill


Learn about the history and culture of Bristol, where you can tour the Herreshoff Marine Museum, the Blithewold Mansion, and the Colt State Park.



Escape to the rural and serene Little Compton, where you can visit a working farm, a winery, and a beach.

Little Compton


Experience the vibrant and creative capital of Rhode Island, where you can enjoy the arts, the food, and the waterfire.



Discover the diverse and convenient city of Warwick, where you can find a variety of attractions, restaurants, and shops.



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