9 Classic California Road Trips to Drive in 2024


California, a state with mountains, deserts, coastlines, forests, cities, has it all. Best way to experience its beauty and diversity is a road trip, discovering hidden gems.

Pacific Coast Highway, known as Highway 1, one of the most scenic roads world. It stretches over 600 miles along California coast, from San Diego to Mendocino.

Pacific Coast Highway


Redwood Highway, known as Highway 101, takes you through majestic ancient redwood forests of northern California. See tallest, oldest trees.

Redwood Highway


The Death Valley Scenic Byway, also known as Highway 190, is a road that leads you to the lowest, hottest, and driest place in North America.

Death Valley Scenic Byway


Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is a legendary and historic road that crosses the US from Chicago to Santa Monica. The California section of Route 66 covers about 300 miles.

Route 66


Tioga Road, known as Highway 120, traverses Sierra Nevada mountains and Yosemite National Park. It’s the highest highway in California, reaching 9,945 feet at Tioga Pass.

Tioga Road


The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, also known as Highway 89, is a road that follows the traces of ancient and active volcanoes in northern California and southern Oregon. 

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway


The Joshua Tree Journey, also known as Highway 62, is a road that takes you to the magical and mystical Joshua Tree National Park. 

Joshua Tree Journey


The Gold Country Highway, also known as Highway 49, is a road that follows the footsteps of the 1849 gold rush in California. You can visit historic and charming towns.

Gold Country Highway


The Big Bear Lake Loop, also known as Highway 18 and 38, is a road that circles around the Big Bear Lake, a popular and scenic destination in the San Bernardino Mountains. 

Big Bear Lake Loop


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