9 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in Pennsylvania 


Pennsylvania is a great state to retire in. It has senior-friendly tax laws, diverse culture and history, and plenty of amenities and activities. 

Somerset County is a rural area in southern Pennsylvania that offers quiet, low crime, and scenic mountain living.  

Somerset County 


Elizabethtown is a residential community in northern Lancaster County with a small-town feel and a convenient location. 



Penn Wynne is a suburban area near Philadelphia that has a large 65+ population and a high quality of life.  

Penn Wynne 


Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania and one of the best places to retire in the Northeast. 



East Stroudsburg is a city in the Pocono Mountains that offers a mix of nature and urban amenities. 

East Stroudsburg 


Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania and one of the most livable cities in the world. It has a strong economy, a diverse culture, and a friendly atmosphere.  



Erie is a city on the shore of Lake Erie that offers a waterfront lifestyle and a low cost of living. It has a mild climate, a beautiful beach, and a lively downtown. 



You can enjoy the farmers markets, the galleries, the theaters, and the restaurants, or visit the surrounding countryside and villages. 



Bethlehem is a city in the Lehigh Valley that offers a blend of history and modernity. It has a rich heritage, a vibrant downtown, and a high quality of life.  



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