9 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in Ohio 2024


Are you looking for a peaceful and affordable place to retire in Ohio? Here are 9 options that will meet your needs and preferences.

Enjoy a low cost of living, a vibrant arts scene, and access to quality health care facilities in this former steel city.



Experience the charm of the Glass City, with its historic buildings, scenic lake views, and diverse cultural events.



Celebrate the Mardi Gras tradition, explore the rich history, and savor the Southern cuisine in this coastal city.



Live in a city that combines the old and the new, with its historic landmarks, modern amenities, and academic institutions.



Join a friendly and active community that offers a variety of recreational activities, entertainment options, and shopping venues.

Fort Wayne


Relax in a small town that has a low crime rate, a high safety rating, and a scenic location near the Ohio River.



Explore a city that has a warm climate, a diverse population, and a proximity to Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.



Experience a city that has a low tax burden, a high median income, and a variety of attractions like museums, parks, and golf courses.



Settle in a city that has a low population density, a high homeownership rate, and a scenic location near the Blue Ridge Mountains.



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