9 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in Colorado


Colorado is a popular destination for retirees who love nature, adventure and culture. But not all places in the state are equally affordable or livable. 

Eaton is a small town in northern Colorado with a friendly community and easy access to nearby cities.  



Canon City is a mountain town south of Colorado Springs that offers a lot of adventure and entertainment. 

Canon City 


Grand Junction is a city on the western slope of the Rockies that has a mild climate and a diverse landscape.  

Grand Junction 


La Veta is a charming village in southern Colorado that has a rich history and a vibrant arts scene. 

La Veta 


The cost of living is 10% above the national average, but still lower than many other places in the metro area. 

Commerce City 


Sterling is a small city in northeastern Colorado that has a rural charm and a friendly atmosphere.  



Meeker is a town in northwestern Colorado that has a lot of outdoor recreation and natural beauty.  



Grand Lake is a resort town in northern Colorado that has a stunning location and a lively community.  

Grand Lake 


Trinidad is a historic town in southern Colorado that has a lot of charm and character. 



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