9 Best Views and Landmarks on the Pacific Crest Trail


The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) winds from Mexico to Canada, unveiling stunning views and landmarks across California. Explore 9 must-see wonders along this epic long-distance hiking journey.

This viewpoint in San Diego County gives you a spectacular panorama of the Anza-Borrego desert below and the snow-capped San Jacinto mountain in the distance.

Mount Laguna’s Foster Point


Forester Pass is the highest point on the PCT at 13,153 feet. It marks the boundary between Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks and offers stunning views of the rugged High Sierra.

Forester Pass


Kearsarge Pass is a popular side trip from the PCT that leads to the eastern edge of King’s Canyon National Park.

Kearsarge Pass


Desolation Wilderness is a remote and rugged area near Lake Tahoe that features glacier-carved rock, wildflowers, and forest. 

Desolation Wilderness


Jefferson Park is a local favorite in Central Oregon that boasts colorful meadows and clear streams against the backdrop of Mount Jefferson.

Jefferson Park


Three Fingered Jack is a striking volcanic peak in the Oregon Cascades that has a distinctive shape and a rocky spire.

Three Fingered Jack


Goat Rocks Wilderness is a highlight of the Washington section of the PCT. It features an ancient volcanic crater, a knife-edge ridge, and a glacier-fed lake.

Goat Rocks Wilderness


Glacier Peak Wilderness is a remote and pristine area that showcases the beauty of the North Cascades. The PCT passes by Glacier Peak.

Glacier Peak Wilderness


The Northern Terminus of the PCT is a wooden monument that marks the end of the trail at the Canadian border. It’s a momentous and emotional sight for hikers.

The Northern Terminus


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