9 Best U.S. Destinations for Solo Travelers in 2023


Solo travel delights! Explore, relax, connect. Top 9 U.S. destinations for 2023—safe, affordable, accessible, and fun. Perfect for solo adventurers

Charming city in Blue Ridge Mountains. Ideal for solo travelers who love nature and culture—hiking, biking, downtown art, breweries, and live music.

Asheville, North Carolina


Live music capital and solo traveler's dream. Experience vibrant culture, food, and art in this hip, friendly city. An entertainment haven awaits!

Austin, Texas


Portland is a great destination for solo travelers who appreciate the creativity and sustainability of this green and bike-friendly city.  

Portland, Oregon


Sedona is a stunning and spiritual city that is surrounded by red rock formations, canyons, and forests. You can enjoy the hiking trails, such as the Cathedral Rock Trail.

Sedona, Arizona


Chicago vibrant diverse city offers rich varied culture history architecture. Chicago great destination solo travelers explore attractions activities windy city.

Chicago, Illinois


Denver sunny lively city nestled Rocky Mountains, mix urban outdoor adventures. Denver great destination solo travelers love nature, sports, beer.

Denver, Colorado


New Orleans colorful festive city celebrates unique diverse heritage, cuisine, music. New Orleans great destination solo travelers experience fun flavor Cajun Creole city.

New Orleans, Louisiana


San Francisco beautiful cosmopolitan city offers variety attractions activities solo travelers. It is the great destination for solo travelers who want to see the landmarks.

San Francisco, California


New York City ultimate destination solo travelers, offers endless possibilities opportunities taste interest. It is a great destination solo travelers.

New York City, New York


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