9 Best U.S Christmas destinations for families


Celebrate Christmas with family! From snowy landscapes to sunny escapes, find memorable holiday experiences in various U.S. destinations.

San Antonio’s River Walk is a magical place to visit during Christmas. The river is lined with colorful lanterns, lights, and decorations. 

San Antonio, Texas 


Puerto Rico has the longest Christmas season in the world, lasting from November to January. You can join the street parties, boat parades, and music festivals. 

Puerto Rico 


If you want to experience a traditional European Christmas, you can visit one of the many German Christmas markets in the U.S. 

German Christmas Markets 


St. Augustine, the oldest U.S. city, boasts rich history. During Christmas, the city sparkles with over three million lights, creating a stunning spectacle.

St. Augustine, Florida 


It has a unique blend of Italian and German influences, and it is known for its alpine scenery and charming villages. 

South Tyrol, Italy 


New York City is one of the most iconic places to spend Christmas in the U.S. 

New York City, New York 


Leavenworth is a small town in Washington that looks like a Bavarian village. It is surrounded by mountains and forests, and it has a cozy and festive atmosphere.  

Leavenworth, Washington 


North Pole is a town in Alaska that is named after the home of Santa Claus. It is a dream destination for kids and adults who love Christmas.  

North Pole, Alaska 


Orlando is a popular destination for families who love theme parks. During Christmas, the parks transform into a winter wonderland, with parades, shows.

Orlando, Florida


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