9 Best Rides at Luna Luna Amusement Park, Los Angeles


Welcome to Luna Luna, the world’s first art amusement park.

Luna Luna was created in 1987 by André Heller, but was lost to history until 2023.

Luna Luna


Basquiat’s Ferris wheel is a colorful collage of his signature graffiti style and motifs.

The Ferris Wheel by Jean-Michel Basquiat


Haring’s carousel features his iconic figures and symbols, painted with vibrant colors and energy.

The Carousel by Keith Haring


Dalí’s swings are surreal sculptures that defy gravity and logic, inspired by his dreams and visions.

The Swings by Salvador Dalí


Hockney’s slide is a playful tribute to his pool paintings, with a splash of blue and white stripes.

The Slide by David Hockney


Scharf’s bumper cars are funky and futuristic, decorated with his cosmic pop art and neon lights.

The Bumper Cars by Kenny Scharf 


Lichtenstein’s roller coaster is a comic book adventure, with dots, lines and speech bubbles.

The Roller Coaster by Roy Lichtenstein


Delaunay’s maze is a geometric puzzle, with shapes and colors that create optical illusions.

The Maze by Sonia Delaunay


Kusama’s tunnel of love is a romantic journey, filled with her signature polka dots and mirrors.

The Tunnel of Love by Yayoi Kusama


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