9 Best Places to Go in North America and the Caribbean in 2024


Explore North America and the Caribbean in 2024, from the Rockies to vibrant Bahamas. Discover natural wonders, cultural diversity, and historical richness in these 9 best places to go.

Go for: a historic melting pot of culture, cuisine, and creativity.

Barrio Viejo, Tucson, Arizona


Go for: a new version of luxury in a beloved mountain resort

Big Sky, Montana


Go for: a transformed waterfront, stylish downtown, and fresh digs

Detroit, Michigan


Go for: a nature lover’s paradise with volcanic peaks, waterfalls, and hot springs.



Go for: new direct flights, luxe resorts, and a spicy carnival celebration.



Go for: a rich African American heritage and a new Civil Rights and Cultural Heritage District.

Mobile, Alabama


Go for: ritzy new hotels, laid-back surf beaches, and whale watching

Nayarit, Mexico


Go for: Inuit-led adventures and wildlife encounters in Canada’s far north

Nunavik, Quebec


Go for: a vibrant city with colorful architecture, art, and nightlife

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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