9 Best Places to Explore in Honolulu 


Discover Honolulu, Hawaii's capital, a lively city blending natural beauty and cultural richness. Whether craving sun, surf, or sightseeing, Honolulu caters to all.

Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in Honolulu and one of the best places to enjoy the Hawaiian lifestyle.  

Waikiki Beach 


Pearl Harbor is a historic site that commemorates the attack that brought the US into World War II.  

Pearl Harbor 


Diamond Head is a volcanic crater that rises above Waikiki and offers panoramic views of the city and the ocean.  

Diamond Head 


Hanauma Bay is a nature preserve and a marine sanctuary that is home to hundreds of colorful fish and coral. 

Hanauma Bay 


The Polynesian Cultural Center is a living museum that showcases the culture and traditions of the Polynesian islands.  

Polynesian Cultural Center 


Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the US and the former residence of the Hawaiian monarchs.  

Iolani Palace 


Shangri La is a museum of Islamic art and culture that was the home of Doris Duke, a wealthy heiress and philanthropist. 

Shangri La 


Manoa Falls is a 150-foot waterfall that is surrounded by lush rainforest and bamboo groves. 

Manoa Falls 


The Honolulu Museum of Art is the largest art museum in Hawaii and one of the most comprehensive in the US. 

Honolulu Museum of Art 


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