9 Best Places to Eat in New Orleans


Indulge in New Orleans' vibrant culinary scene as we unveil the 9 must-visit eateries that promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Iconic Creole dining in a historic Victorian mansion since 1880. Must-try turtle soup and bread pudding soufflé amidst fine dining legacy.

Commander’s Palace


Chef Donald Link's blend of French, Southern, and rustic Italian flavors in a bustling Central Business District setting. Farm-fresh ingredients shine.



Century-old Victorian cottage serving modern Creole fare with a homey touch. From rabbit gumbo to shrimp rémoulade, each dish bursts with flavor.



Neighborhood bistro with a forward-thinking menu. Seasonal and local ingredients shine in dishes like black drums in vegetable sauce and Mexican street corn-style okra.



Donald Link's spot elevating Cajun flavors. Locally sourced pork, seafood, and produce shine in dishes like rabbit and dumplings and smoked short ribs.



Classic New Orleans dishes with a modern twist. Oyster BLT and chicken and dumplings get updated in a vibrant setting with balcony views.



Contemporary Israeli cuisine by Chef Alon Shaya. Shareable dishes like harissa roasted chicken and hummus with blue crab shine in a warm, airy atmosphere.



Creative enhancements of New Orleans classics by Chef Justin Devillier. Beignets stuffed with blue crab and turtle Bolognese with bucatini are highlights.

La Petite Grocery


French Quarter fine dining with a focus on fresh fish. Daily changing entrées and innovative dishes like dry-aged fish make for a memorable experience.

GW Fins


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