9 Awesome Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park 


Joshua Tree National Park is a unique and beautiful destination in California. Here are 9 awesome things to do in this desert wonderland. 

Barker Dam is a historic reservoir that attracts wildlife and offers scenic views. The hike is easy, flat, and only 1.5 miles round trip. 

Hike to Barker Dam 


Joshua Tree is a paradise for rock climbers, with over 8,000 routes to choose from. You can find challenges for all skill levels and enjoy the scenery. 

Climb the Rocks 


Joshua trees are the iconic plants of the park, with their twisted branches and spiky leaves. They can live up to 500 years and grow up to 40 feet tall. 

See the Joshua Trees 


The Cholla Cactus Garden is a dense patch of fuzzy-looking cacti that glow in the sunlight. Be careful not to touch them, as they have sharp spines. 

Visit the Cholla Cactus Garden 


Hidden Valley is a secluded area surrounded by massive boulders. It was once used by cattle rustlers to hide their stolen livestock.  

Explore Hidden Valley 


Joshua Tree is known for its spectacular sunsets, when the sky turns into a rainbow of colors. Some of the best places to watch the sunset are Keys View.

Watch the Sunset 


Joshua Tree is one of the best places to stargaze in California, thanks to its dark skies and clear air. 

Stargaze at Night 


Joshua Tree has a rich history and culture, from Native Americans who lived for thousands of years, to miners, ranchers, and artists who came later.

Learn about the History and Culture 


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Camping in Joshua Tree is a great way to experience the park’s beauty and tranquility. There are nine campgrounds to choose from, with different amenities and locations. 

Camp in the Park  


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