9 Austin Restaurants You Can't-Miss for a Flavorful Experience


Austin offers a diverse culinary scene, perfect for casual or special occasions. Check out these 9 must-try restaurants for a flavorful experience.

If you love ramen, you’ll love Daiboku, a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic and innovative dishes.



Garrison is an upscale grill house that fuses big-city glamor with small-town southern hospitality.



Suerte is a modern Mexican eatery that celebrates the power of corn. Their masa is made from scratch using heirloom varieties from local farms, and turned into tortillas, tamales, and more.



Otoko is a futuristic 12-seat tasting counter that offers a 20-course omakase menu, curated by chef Yoshi Okai.



La Barbecue is a Central Texas-style barbecue joint that is run by the granddaughter of legendary pitmaster Louis Mueller. 

La BarbecueOtoko


Pecan Square Café is a cozy and charming spot that serves Italian cuisine with a Texas twist.

Pecan Square Café


Veracruz All Natural is a food truck that serves some of the best tacos in Austin.

Veracruz All Natural


Interstellar BBQ is a new addition to the Austin barbecue scene, and it’s already making a name for itself.

Interstellar BBQ


Nixta Taqueria is a casual and colorful spot that serves tacos with a twist.

Nixta Taqueria


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